As a female who has struggled with her own personal image, being 5 foot, packing around a few too many pounds back in the day, and being constantly swept up by the idealism of perfection curated in social media, I have come to accept myself (with some bad days, of course) for who I am and what I will never physically be able to be. We all have a standard of beauty, but what we don't realize is that it's likely a flawed perception. Having the opportunity to photograph countless women of all shapes, sizes and ages, I am proud to say I have successfully been able to provide a product that makes each of these women feel happy, sexy and confident. (See my organic testimonials below) As a female, I understand your insecurities. I understand what you see as beautiful, and I can direct our session to reflect your expectations and desires. Further to this though, I see things you don't see. I see beauty that you may not have expected in yourself, and this is what makes my job so great. I get to surprise you, make you feel beautiful in ways you don't already know.  If you have a man, make him appreciate you in ways he maybe didn't before, or exemplify his already appreciative nature for you. 

The best part about this? No Photoshop. I refuse to Photoshop you to alter your true image. There is enough ability to compliment through pose, strategic placement and angles to show the real you in a flawless manner. Thus, my shoots are natural and raw. Using real locations, no extravagant make up and hair, and all natural light, we're able to build something sexy and timeless. This is my promise to you. Providing you with 10 images of what someone may think are the best shots may not be what you believe to be the best shots. A frustrating part of the photography business is not being able to see all the behind the scenes images, with a feeling of unknown waning on you that there may be something better to you than what was provided. This is why I give you a full reel of digitally retouched images to choose from (40+ images, usually). Beyond this, what you love today may not be what you love tomorrow. For that reason, having more images to review as time goes by brings new appreciation and adoration for yourself and the images we've created together. 


 Before the shoot, you sign an agreement stating all boundaries in the usage of your photos. If you want no one seeing them? That's exactly how it will go. If you consent to the use of anonymous materials for my media and portfolio, then that is the way. No matter what our boundaries are, you are approached before the use of every photo as a professional gesture, even after the signature is there. 
It's your body, I'm just here to show you how proud you should be of it.


Everyone feels differently about themselves. Everyone wants what they can't have and everyone seems to have a little anger at the things they do have, even when others consider them assets. My shoots are tailored to fit to exactly what you define as your limits, however I assure you these may change through out the shoot. "Your limits" can be in the style of sultry portraits, lingerie lingering, or butt naked. The directorship is in your hands, I'm just here to capture it in a way you'll love, shaped through my photography style. 


Please inquire regarding rates, never be afraid to ask. The magic of our time together is formed in a morning of blaring Yonce together, photographing for 1-2 hours, gradually getting more and more comfortable until we get a reel of anywhere from 30-50 digital images (yes, the most you've ever heard of a boudoir photographer providing for a guaranteed fraction of any going rates), of which I lightly edit and finish for your proper enjoyment forever. Lost on what to wear? How to prepare? I provide a tips and guide sheet with your contract to fully prep you for your boudy sesh. 


When I leave a shoot, I can almost time the text. The majority of these below, are examples of the messages (text or email) of which I have received from clients post-shoot. These are what I live for. Anonymity has been kept for those that wish to conceal their identities and their sessions. 

" I was super nervous leading up to the shoot, I had never done any type of shoot like this and I didn’t know what to really expect. Once I was there, you were so helpful and literally showed me how to move my body and made me feel super comfortable the whole time. You hilarious, creative and caring all wrapped together and I couldn’t be happier with how the pictures turned out! " 

      -Lauren H.

" Kayla!!!!! You made my day.... The Pictures are seriously amazing! Everything (and more) I had hope they would be. I can't thank you enough for making the entire session so comfortable and fun. There are no words on how amazing the pictures turned out.... Soooo happy I found you!

     -Anonymous babe

" You're amazing. They are so sweet. I'm in loooove! Thank you for capturing what I don't see "

     -Brenda B. 

" Babe, thanks so much for doing this! I love them so much! I'm definitely coming back for round 2. "

     - Silvy L.

" Thanks again for everything! The pictures are amazing. You are a seriously talented girl! It was really nice to meet you and I can't wait to take more pictures with you in the future :) "

     - Rachelle

"Oh my god yes! The light is so incredible Kayla!....It's pretty cool seeing myself physically in a different light, the photos look great.... I have so many favorites! Working with you is such a crazy empowering and inspiring thing, thank you for sharing your passion with me." 

   - Anonymous babe

"Doing this shoot helped with my confidence like you wouldn't believe. Thank you!! Your work is amazing and you're even more amazing"

 - Anonymous babe

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